Many entrepreneurs and businesses rely on social media to raise visibility and connect with their ideal customer. Having a visually engaging message is key to gaining customer loyalty. That’s why many businesses turn to professional photography for photos on social media – be it through a bespoke photo shoot or stock imagery that they’ve purchased. In this blog I outline what you should NOT do on social media.

The key to using photos for social media isn’t just the quality of the photos. It’s how you use the photos themselves.

TOP TIP: avoid inconsistency.

According to the folks at if you’re looking to increase your followers, you should keep in mind that the first nine posts are the ones that people are going to see first. If they aren’t consistent and appealing to look at, people aren’t going to take a look at the rest of your images.

Let’s look at an example…

Here’s a screen grab of a friend of mine, Lisa Johnson’s Instagram account. She’s a business coach and uses a mix of images and text to get inspirational messages across to her followers. She’s also hired a photographer to produce professional images of her for some of her posts. With a consistent style and professional look of her Instagram photos, it’s no wonder she has more than 30 000 followers.

This is how she’s kept her Instagram feed consistent


Lisa has chosen fonts that are trendy and modern. She uses them consistently throughout all her marketing. When she uses images, she always fades them so that her text can be clearly seen. Everything is straight forward, clear and without clutter.


Almost every post has something that motivates the viewer. It could be a quote, or simply a statement about being your own boss. Using this theme throughout her posts speaks loudly to her ideal client – female entrepreneurs that are ambitious and driven.


For all the posts that have pictures of herself, Lisa has used a professional photographer to make sure her photos look the best they can. That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t take selfies every now and again, but the majority of her images are polished and professional. That’s exactly how her ideal client wants to see themselves too.

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