A very common question I get asked is where photo shoots should take place. The style, and type of photos is strongly affected by this. Below I outline 3 different location options and the advantages and disadvantages of each. Take a look and let me know what’s best for you.

1. At your place of work

This seems like the most natural location for business photos. But you’ll be surprised that except for head shots, it doesn’t have to be the default location.


Mainly that you don’t have to go anywhere! If you’re having headshots done of your team, there’s minimal disruption. Each person only has to spare 10 minutes of their time. Photos can be done with my portable studio or using natural available light.


If you’re a sole trader working from home, you may or may not want to have photos done inside your home.


All size businesses that have a physical office and are looking for headshots or branding photos. It’s also good for businesses that want to create a closer relationship with their audience by giving them a peek inside how they work.

2. In my studio

I’ve got a big, beautiful and bright studio located on Twickenham Green (the 3 Bs!). I use a lot of natural light in my photos but also use creative lighting equipment if I want a studio look to the photograph. 


By having the option of natural and/or studio lighting, you can get a range of different looks in one setting. I also have a comfortable sofa and all the interior decorations are stylish and suitable for lifestyle photos. All in one place! This versatility means that we can tailor the photo shoot to your requirement to get the perfect photos for your business and audience.


If you’ve got more than a small team to be photographed, it may be impractical to get everyone to come to my studio!


Entrepreneurs that want to have headshots and a personal branding photo shoot in one go

female business headshot

3. On location

Sometimes you want to be outdoors or somewhere that’s not your office or my studio. When all the necessary permissions are in place, having a photo shoot outdoors is always an option to consider.

For family-focused businesses, photo shoots can take place in a stylish house near Twickenham Green. 


If where you work is important, having a photo shoot in situ gives a great sense of location. Imagine ‘Big Ben’ being in the background if you want to show your business is located in London. Or, if you’re clients are mainly local, having photos in recognisable place can give people a sense of familiarity.

You can also have trendy photos in common public places like a cafe or outdoors on cute urban streets.

Indoor photos in a stylish house, like the one I use on Twickenham Green can give a homely feel for brands that are family focused.


These photo shoots can potentially take time to arrange and for permissions to be in place. 


Entrepreneurs or businesses that want to have a large variety of photos for social media. The location of where they work plays a key part of their brand identity.

Chestnuts welcome sign

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