Why do businesses hire me as their photographer?

Because we all shop with our eyes.

Regardless of the industry, visual imagery impacts the way customers think and feel about businesses.

That’s why I’m so passionate about providing compelling photography to create a bespoke story for my clients – I’m here to tell their story through stunning photography.

When used throughout marking strategies, images connect with customers and influence the bottom line.


Photos can be used on websites, social media, newsletters, sales landing pages, profile or printed material. Wherever your customiser are.

With years of experience working as a professional photographer in London, the goal for me (and my team) is simple… to provide businesses with strong photography to create meaningful connections with customers.

Let’s make your business stand out from the crowd!

Want to show the world why your business is the bees knees?
You’ve come to the right place. Let’s create show-stopping photography.

my photography services.


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WHAT type of business photography do you provide?

MARKETING PHOTOS: these bespoke photo shoots create a story around how you want customers to see the business. We create tens to hundreds of photos that reflect your business brand perfectly so that your marketing material (both on and off-line) will be full of imagery that will increase engagement with your business. We do this by creating a library of photos for you to use in all your marketing strategies. These include photos of the team in action, the business ethos, as well as bespoke social media stock imagery.

PROFESSIONAL HEADSHOTS: as the name suggests, these are 'head and shoulder' photos of the team. The style and length of the photo shoot depends on your requirements, but I recommend allowing approximately 10 minutes per person.

EVENT PHOTOGRAPHY: whether it's for a workshop, a team building exercise or an awards ceremony, professional photography creates a buzz around an event. Sharing the photos online increases visibility and keeps customers up to date.

HOW do business photo sessions work?


It all starts with an email, phone call or meeting in person.

Once I get to know the business, I'll advise the type of session I would recommend. This may involved me coming to your place of work or suggesting a suitable location for the photo shoots. I offer headshots, branding stories and event photography.

Photo shoots can last from an hour (e.g. a handful of headshots) or a whole day.

WHO is in your team?

I'm a bit of a perfectionist and so are the rest of my team.


It's important that hair and make up artists make everyone look their best self - with beautifully style hair and make up. Let's not forget some extra attention for a well groomed man.


Once we've taken the pictures, photos are meticulously edited by either myself or my Photoshop expert Larissa Joice. Larissa is a whizz with intricate editing. Whether it's brightening eyes or removing unwanted items from a photo, Larissa has you covered.

WHERE are you based?

MY STUDIO: I have a spacious and bright professional photography studio in Twickenham, South West London. It's above Maple Leaf Pharmacy on Twickenham Green, 10 minutes from Twickenham Station with plenty of street-parking. It's also not far from Richmond-upon-Thames.

My studio is set up so I can do lifestyle photography using natural light as well as studio lighting on a studio backdrop.

COMING TO YOU: Every business is different and I tailor locations based on what's best for each of my clients. I have a mobile photography studio I can bring to your place of work or take natural light photos. For businesses aimed at families, I also have a stylish home in Twickenham that I recommend using to get family friendly imagery.

MY BLOG: business photography tips and recent photo shoots




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